About us



The New Zealand Cuban Festival Trust is a not for profit organisation and is

exclusively charitable.  Encourage all sectors of the community to participate

in cross-cultural opportunities with the New Zealand and Cuban cultures in

all their forms of dance and music.










Official documents


The Annual General Meeting was held online on 13 September 2020 

The documents below are the official Chairpersons report.

Other documents will be loaded as they are ratified by the Trust.


Chairperson Report PDF 239KB



Objectives of trust



  • To educate, train and support the community in the different forms of Cuban dance and music.

  • To hold an annual Cuban Festival in New Zealand where participants will up skill their dance and music techniques, network with other like-minded individuals who share a similar goal of health and wellbeing through dance and music.

  • Maintain a stakeholder database and social network forums in order to maintain links with and to connect individuals and groups who wish to participate in educational opportunities.

  • Through the forms of dance and music, individuals, groups and families within the community will maintain their physical (tinana), ntal (hinengaro), spiritual (wairua) and family (whanau) wellbeing.

  • Community oriented to build and promote physical, mental and cultural activities in a social environment.

  • The objects of the Trust shall always be interpreted so that they shall constitute solely charitable purpose.







Wairuatanga -  To practice and promote spirit, soul and quintessence amongst trustees, members, clients and stakeholders.


Under this overarching value:


  • Whakawhanungatanga – To establish, maintain and sustain healthy relationships

  • Maanakitanga – To support , members, clients and stakeholders

  • Kotahitanga – To collectively collaborate achievable outcomes

  • To positively contribute and work towards the objects of the Trust

  • To maintain behaviour that provides an honest and productive environment

  • To have fun.